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Isma S.A. is a family business with more than 50 years of experience that has become one of the leaders in flexible packaging in the region. With a recognized track record of seriousness, innovation and competence. Isma has achieved sustained growth in the business volumes it manages, thanks to its ability to capture new opportunities within the specific area of ​​flexible packaging.

Where we are?

Quality and Development

Reaching high quality standards and keeping them constant over time is our goal, in addition to the commitment that we assume every day with all our clients.
Our strict quality system is based on more than 50 years of knowing the difficulties that our clients have and the honesty of fully understanding what our limitations are so as not to create false expectations.
Innovation and continuous development is our most outstanding characteristic.
We believe in continuous improvement and new challenges, as well as making the most of new opportunities.
We are committed to improving the sustainability of our clients with new and innovative developments.
With offices in Uruguay and Argentina, we have managed to consolidate a wide offer, both of products and processes, which is accompanied by a human group that understands the needs of our clients.
We complete our offer with win-win marketing techniques, which differentiate us in the product and service we provide.


Foil Replacement

Application: Powdered juices-Dehydrated soups-Powdered milk-Instant coffee A perfect example of ISMA's capacity for innovation and constant development is the introduction of this special structure to replace trilaminates that works in excellent condition and reduces costs . This structure can be achieved in different thicknesses and features, it is a perfect substitute for Foil Trilaminates. It consists of a Bi-laminated film that has:
• Exceptional Wvtr and O2 barrier.
• Better coil geometry since it does not contain PE.
• Excellent sealing even through contaminants.
• Maximum packaging speed benefits.
• Significant cost reduction per package.
• Totally recyclable product, 100% PP


Application: Thermoformed. Sausages, cheeses, hams, meats, sweets, fresh pasta.
Structure specially designed to provide high resistance and performance during the packaging process.
High O2 barrier.
Suitable for vacuum packaging and controlled atmosphere.

Neck in

Application: Special labels for decoration of aerosols that are applied in high speed labelers fed by roll. These laminated labels have a controlled shrinkage allowing a perfect fit in the neck of the spray. This labeling system greatly reduces the space required for the stock of products, the cost of obsolete products and allows a more flexible production.

Special Laminates

Applications: snacks, cookies, candies, pasta, polenta, spices, ice cream, legumes, cereals, frozen products, baked goods, wrap around labels, etc.
Types of packaging: horizontal, vertical, thermoformed, wrap around.
Our technical department has the knowledge and experience to provide the appropriate structure for each application.


We work in all sectors with the highest quality and control standards and that is why we have received multiple awards and certifications.

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